About the CSS Working Group

The CSS Working Group is a team of W3C Member representatives and W3C Invited Experts who are responsible for maintaining the current CSS standards and their respective test suites and for designing and specifying the future capabilities of Cascading Style Seets.

Charter and IPR

The CSS Working Group is governed by its charter and the W3C Process. Technology developed by the Working Group is subject to the W3C's February 2004 Patent Policy. The W3C maintains a list of patent disclosures relevant to CSS.


The CSS Working Group conducts most of its technical discussion on the publicly-archived www-style@w3.org mailing list, where everyone is welcome to join the conversation and comment on our working drafts. We track issues and ideas on our wiki and post announcements and discussion topics both to the www-style mailing list and our weblog. W3C Member-confidential material and administrivia are discussed on the internal mailing list.

The Working Group makes formal decisions by consensus. We meet every week on the phone and thrice-yearly face-to-face. The minutes of these discussions are sent to the internal mailing list; notes and resolutions are posted publicly both to www-style and to the CSSWG blog.


The following is the list of W3C member organizations that participate in the CSS working group with one or more people. The list might not reflect changes in the last few months.